Parent-Teen Driving Contract

Talking to your teen about the rules of the road isn't necessarily easy, but it is important. Especially when you consider that approximately four out of five teens said their parents are the best influence in getting them to drive more safely.

As a way to get started, DCH Auto Group has created the Parent-Teen Driving Contract.
It can help you:
  • Outline your teen's key driving responsibilities
  • Decide on the consequences associated when those responsibilities aren't met
  • Define your role in helping your teen succeed
Once you talk over each issue and come to an agreement, fill out the rules and
consequences in the space provided. Then sign and date it. Be sure to keep it in a
prominent place, like the front of your refrigerator, so you can re-examine it often
and make changes as your teen becomes a more experienced driver.

Parents play an important role in their child's driving education, but where does a parent begin. Start with the Parent/Teen driving contract.  Download the Parent/Teen Driving Contract.