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Genuine Toyota brake components are designed specifically for your car and built to the same high standards as your original parts.

From brake pads to calipers, rotors, drums and shoes, Genuine Toyota brake components help provide safety and durability. Schedule a Toyota Brake Inspection, Service or Repair at DCH Toyota of Torrance to help keep your vehicle safe.

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 Toyota Brake Pads
Why install Genuine Toyota brake pads?
  • Keep your Toyota a Toyota
  • Toyota tested and approved for proper fit, form, and function
  • Ceramic brake pad may help reduce heat, noise, and brake dust, as well as help extend rotor life
  • Factory-trained technicians for proper installation
Indicators replacement may be needed:
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Excessive brake noise
  • Abnormal brake pedal feel
  • Pulling or vibration during braking
  • Excessive brake dust on wheels
Why is it important?
  • Ensures optimal braking performance
  • Contributes to proper vehicle control
  • Helps maintain vehicle safety
  • Maximizes stopping power and improves stopping distance
How often is replacement needed? It depends on the remaining thickness of your brake pads. Your brake pads wear down as you use your brakes. 4-6 millimeters of remaining brakepad thickness means that your brake pads are nearing replacement. Less than 4 millimeters means that they need to be replaced very soon.
 Toyota Genuine Brake Pads

Need new brake pads?

Schedule your appointment with our Service Center today!

About DCH Toyota of Torrance

Brake Replacements and Brake Service in Torrance

When it comes to your brakes, you want to be confident that they are working at their best. Brakes are crucial for your vehicle's performance and safety, and our service team can help service your brakes so that you can drive with confidence. At DCH Toyota of Torrance, we provide expertise and precision to help you with all your brake needs.

Learn more about the importance of your brakes and how we can help.

Signs that Your Car Needs Brake Service or Replacement

Issues with your brakes can build up slowly and may not be immediately apparent. However, you can catch most problems before they become serious by watching out for red flags. Some of the signs that indicate you need brake service include:

    • Decreased stopping power and longer stopping distances
    • Spongy braking or a long pedal travel distance
    • Screeching or scraping when you brake

The screeching or scarping sound of brakes intentionally warn drivers that the brake pads are nearly out of gripping surface. Small metal hairs in the last segment of the brake pads make loud noises when braking and indicate the driver should replace their brakes as soon as possible.

When Should I Replace My Brakes?

You should replace your brakes every 12,000 miles or so. However, hard braking and stop-and-go traffic can wear your brakes faster than expected. Be sure to check your owner's manual and consult our service team for the right interval for your vehicle. We offer genuine Toyota parts so that you can find the perfect replacement brakes for your car.

Schedule Brake Service in Torrance

Our service team can service your entire braking system, from calipers to the hoses, to ensure that your brakes are functioning at their best. Contact our service team today to schedule brake service!


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