The hydrogen-powered 2016 Toyota Mirai is on the horizon, due to go on sale this fall. California, eager to be on top of new, green alternatives, is scrambling to build hydrogen fueling stations, with one already open in nearby Harbor City, Las Angeles.

But is this new fuel bullsh*t? Toyota responds:

You astute viewers probably noticed that a byproduct of stripping hydrogen from methane is CO2. You must be saying, "wait, wait! I thought the whole point was reducing CO2 emissions!"

We're way ahead of you.

The CO2 resulting from this process originated from cows, and the bacteria feeding on cow manure. The carbon had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is the grass the cows were eating. In other words, it was already part of the carbon cycle, and would soon be released back into the atmosphere anyway.

Contrast that with burning gasoline, which releases carbon that was trapped beneath the Earth's surface for millions of years.

The video does not specify what Toyota is doing with the gas byproducts created in the hydrogen refinement process. These are good questions, and ones we should be making sure Toyota is accountable for as we move forward into the future with this technology.

Still, hydrogen is looking to be a great alternative to fossil fuels, and is certainly no "bullsh*t."

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