With all the great technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, there's no surprise that Toyota is there debuting the Mirai. With the great technology allowing the car to run on hydrogen alone, it's no wonder this car is making a big splash in Las Vegas.

We wonder how long it will be before other automakers make their own hydrogen-powered car, much in the same way they did with the Toyota Prius. The world was surprised at how well the hybrid did, and not just that, but the fact that most other manufacturers began production on their own hybrid or electric models. Back when we wrote a blog post about the Mirai, we discussed the road to sustainable driving and how it began more than five years ago. How long do you think it will take other automakers to follow this lead?

While we ponder that answer, we'll share the video from CES which gives greater detail into the science behind the Mirai. Enjoy.

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