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As you set out for an adventure, you'll be sure to pack your car with necessities. Once you've fit in the luggage, equipment, and snacks, make sure your vehicle has the space and accommodations to make your best furry friend comfortable for the ride.

If you're looking to upgrade so you can take your pet with you anywhere, look to the capable, versatile, and functional Toyota RAV4.

Toyota RAV4: Space & Comfort Above All

When you hop in your RAV4 with your furry friend, your mind is probably set on safety and comfort. Luckily, the RAV4 is one of the most accommodating and safety-first models in the lineup.


In fact, with all the seats up, the RAV4 can comfortably fit up to 5 passengers and can hold up to 37.6 cubic feet of cargo in the trunk (more than enough for a dog or cat). And, with the rear row down, that space nearly doubles to 69.8 cubic feet for added comfort, and more room for crates, treats, toys, bags, and other items you may need to bring along for the ride.

The RAV4 also comes built with tinted windows throughout and rear air vents to ensure your pet is shaded and cool (or warm) at all times.

Toyota RAV4 Other Key Features

Beyond the comforts, the Toyota RAV4 also comes equipped with a number of safety features that make every trip easier. Rely on the Toyota Safety Sense suite for road sign assist, lane tracing assist, a pre-collision system, dynamic cruise control, lane departure assist, and automatic high beams so all you have to do is focus on the road.

The RAV4 is also built from a high-strength steel frame with ample airbags surrounding the cabin so even if your pet isn't sitting in a regular seat, they are protected.

Toyota RAV4 Trim Levels Available

Each driver has different preferences for appearance and exact features--especially when it comes to accommodating different pets, so be sure to browse the full trim level selection for options. Look between the 9 available models: the Toyota RAV4 LE, the Toyota RAV4 LE Hybrid, the Toyota RAV4 XLE, the Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid, the Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium, the Toyota RAV4 Adventure, the Toyota RAV4 XSE Hybrid, the Toyota RAV4 Limited, and the Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid.

To check availability, pricing, or to ask any other questions, please reach out by phone or online message today.

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