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Toyota Helps Victims of Hurricane Sandy in Two Ways

With an impact spanning roughly 13 states, Hurricane Sandy has left a path of destruction in its wake. It's clear that a large amount of work will be required to completely recover from the damage, and that's why so many people and businesses are coming together to help in any way possible, including Toyota.

The Japanese automaker recently announced two ways that it's helping with the recovery effort. On one end, Toyota…

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Toyota Donates 100 Cars For A Good Cause

DCH Toyota of Torrance is helping to support their parent company for a good cause. Toyota is entering another year of "100 Cars For Good." The Japanese auto maker will award 100 cars to nonprofits.

Those interested must sign up via Facebook, and submit applications, along with a video, in order to gain support and explain how they would use a donated vehicle. Only 5,000 organizations can apply.

Finalists will be eligible for several…

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Toyota Targets Youth Market With Yaris

With a low base price and plenty of miles per gallon, the Japanese auto maker is successful at  targeting their 2012 Toyota Yaris to the youth market. Every student needs a car to get to and from those college courses, or for picking up friends. If you live in a dorm and don't need a vehicle just yet, you certainly will once graduation is over, and it's time to commute daily.

The four-cylinder…

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Toyota Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Electric vehicles (EVs) are attractive for many different reasons. They're clean, they require zero gasoline, and they offer a fresh, futuristic look. There's one thing about EVs, which many drivers find unattractive: The ever-present inconvenience of charging their power cells.

Happily, given a recent partnership between Toyota and WiTricity, future EV owners might never have to deal with the frustrations that come with the tangled rats nest of cords and having to find…

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