At DCH Toyota of Torrance, we couldn't be more proud to have been honored as one of the Best Dealerships to Work For 2016 by Automotive News. Only 100 dealers were chosen out of the thousands of franchised dealerships in the nation, and while we learned we had made that list back in July, today, the rankings were released.

Out of large dealerships, DCH Toyota of Torrance ranks in at number 14.

That's not bad, but there is always room to improve, as we hope we will in next year's rankings. After all, when employees feel happy and taken care of, they pass that on to our customers as genuinely friendly and helpful customer service.

Automotive News determines which dealerships are the best with a two-part survey where employees' voices are heard. The most important key to winning is having employees who feel emotionally engaged with their job -- instead of feeling like soul-crushed drones. Employees at winning dealerships say they have confidence in their supervisors, and feel like they are treated as a person, not a number. This is especially important with larger dealerships like ours.

At the 100 Best Dealerships to Work, an average of 98 percent of employees report feeling engaged, compared with the national average of 41 percent.

Our general manger, Chris Hunter, keeps moral high by having open conversations, allowing the team to express concerns about internal issues. At our service center, employees don't have to feel stressed about recalls, thanks to a plan that ensures they still get paid when performing free recall work. This encourages employees to treat every customer with the same dedicated level of care.

Tired of insincere "customer service" from grumpy, stressed-out salespeople at other dealerships? Get to know our team members at DCH Toyota of Torrance, and see what a difference a healthy work environment makes.

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