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Take On New Challenges with the Help of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Are you ready to tackle new challenges and adventures in the New Year? Toyota most certainly is, especially with the arrival of its latest hybrid model. We're proud to introduce you to the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. This SUV is ready to bring a new level of innovation to the road, providing drivers with the power and efficiency that can take them further.

If you're interested in seeing the RAV4 Hybrid in action, allow actor James Marsden to show you. When challenged by a team of lumberjacks in the woods, he is given the confidence he needs to…

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Carbon, Cow Poop, and the Hydrogen Car

The hydrogen-powered 2016 Toyota Mirai is on the horizon, due to go on sale this fall. California, eager to be on top of new, green alternatives, is scrambling to build hydrogen fueling stations, with one already open in nearby Harbor City, Las Angeles.

But is this new fuel bullsh*t? Toyota responds:

You astute viewers probably noticed that a byproduct of stripping hydrogen from methane is CO2. You must be saying, "wait, wait! I…

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The Mirai Is No Fish Out Of Water

With all the great technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, there's no surprise that Toyota is there debuting the Mirai. With the great technology allowing the car to run on hydrogen alone, it's no wonder this car is making a big splash in Las Vegas.

We wonder how long it will be before other automakers make their own hydrogen-powered car, much in the same way they did with the Toyota Prius. The world…

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Toyota to Test the Waters with Clean-Driving Mirai FCV in 2016

The automotive industry has been trying to go easy on Mother Nature in the past few years, and we here at DCH Toyota of Torrance are pleased to see that this isn’t just a trend. While we certainly appreciate the power and performance of V6 and V8 engines, we are always eager to see what leaner, greener driving technologies are coming down the Toyota pipeline.

Back in 2010, the company revealed their idea for…

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The Toyota RAV4 EV Offers Excellent Range

Going the distance, whether you're just on the way to work or taking a longer trip to another country to visit some family, mean having the range and power necessary to drive with confidence. When you climb behind the wheel of a 2014 Toyota RAV4 EV, you'll find it can achieve a range of up to 120 miles with its 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack. And, with the space for five passengers and all the…

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More Details Surrounding the New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car from Toyota

Move over, Honda. You may have heard rumors that Japanese automaker Toyota is bringing the heat and tackling the upcoming Honda FCX Clarity by creating and selling its own hydrogen fuel-cell car by the year 2015. Well, those rumors are true, and DCH Toyota of Torrance is here to provide you with additional details.

Toyota USA's President and Chief Executive Jim Lentz, explains that the hydrogen-powered consumer car will also come alongside full-electric, plug-in…

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Toyota Enlists the Help of R2-D2 and C-3PO to Promote Prius Plug-In

In Japan, a new ad is airing for the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In that calls upon the expertise of two very familiar droids to outline the hybrid's merits. Specifically, we're talking about the dynamic duo from Star Wars, R2-D2 and C-3PO. But what can they teach us about plug-in hybrids? More than you might think!

Specifically, while R2-D2 and C-3PO represent the future in anthropomorphic machinery, even they can't help but marvel…

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Toyota Prius Camper

As Toyota becomes #1 in brand loyalty yet again (thanks, KBB.com readers!), the auto maker is also striking up huge numbers in California. As a state where hybrid cars are designed and dreamed up, it's no wonder Toyota Prius is such a hit. And there's plenty of cargo room in both the sedan and Prius-V model. But if you need a little more storage space, there's an answer.

Japanese company Camp-Inn…

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Toyota Promotes Environmental Responsibility in Hollywood

What do television shows, The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Biggest Loser and Futurama have in common? How about movies like Yogi Bear, Disneynature African Cats, and The Other Guys? DCH Toyota of Torrance can't blame you if you're a little confused, so we'll just give you the answer. They were all featured at the 21st annual Environmental Media Awards, which Toyota is the presenting sponsor of…

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Leaked Brochure for 2013 Toyota Prius C

Japanese automaker, Toyota wowed the world with the introduction of the Toyota Prius. Now, they're planning to revolutionize the hybrid world, once again, as they evolve the Prius from a single model to a whole family of vehicles. Previously, we'd had seen the introduction of the larger 2012 Toyota Prius v and more efficient 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid to the Prius lineup, and now the introduction of the 2013 Toyota Prius C…

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